Hangzhou Touba Beidou Automated Monitoring and Early Warning Project Launched

On April 16th, our technicians went to Hangzhou to conduct a field survey on the Beidou earth dam automated monitoring project. The project is jointly undertaken by Chang'an University and our company, with Prof. Yang Zhiqiang, vice president of Engineering Measurement Branch of China Society of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation and Chang'an University as the technical advisor.

Representatives of the project demand side warmly welcomed the arrival of the company's party, introduced the activity status of the earth dam in detail, and indicated that the deformation of the earth dam by external forces would seriously threaten the safety of the railroads along the line, and the traditional monitoring methods could not meet the requirements of real-time monitoring and early warning, and there was an urgent need for new technologies to solve this problem.

Earth dams threaten railroad safety

The person in charge of the technical department of the company introduced in detail the BeiDou Geological Hazard Safety Monitoring and Early Warning System developed by the company, which integrates BeiDou positioning technology, computer technology, communication technology and network technology. Compared with the traditional measuring means such as total station, level meter, etc., the system has a great advantage in the aspects of intellectualization, automation, all-weather, omni-directional, high-precision and modernization. After the completion of the system, it will24-hour real-time collection of monitoring data, no need for personnel on duty, high timeliness, reliability and safety are guaranteed.

The representative of the project demand side affirmed the detailed construction plan and related technical ability proposed by our company, and indicated that we would organize personnel to carry out the project pre-infrastructure work as soon as possible.

The implementation of this project opens up the application of our self-developed Beidou Geological Hazard Safety Monitoring and Early Warning System in the earth dam industry.

Site selection by field survey