Tailings pond monitoring

     System Advantages    

     Monitoring elements    


     Monitoring elements    


     Solution Architecture    

     Big Data Platform    

        Based on the GIS geographic information system platform, the tailing pond automated safety monitoring and early warning system (big data platform) adopts the centralized and distributed application mode of data and application system, comprehensively integrates three-dimensional multi-source heterogeneous data such as inclined photography, laser point cloud, standard model, etc., and realizes the integration of air and sky, the integration of information integration, analysis and display, which can realize the functions of risk in comprehensive monitoring, risk intelligent assessment, risk accurate warning, risk trend prediction and judgment, basic data of tailing pond, emergency work management and system management. trend prediction and judgment, basic data of tailing ponds, emergency work management and system management.

     Monitoring platform    

        The tailing pond safety monitoring and early warning system based on BeiDou high-precision positioning integrates advanced technologies such as BeiDou, sensors, big data and cloud computing to realize all-weather monitoring of data such as surface displacement of the dam body, internal displacement of the dam body, soak line, elevation of the top of the stall, length of the dry beach, water level in the reservoir area, rainfall, safety over-height, video surveillance and surface displacement of geological landslides in the reservoir area. In addition, the system carries out water vapor inversion for tailing ponds in order to realize regional gridded weather warning, so as to meet the real-time collection, intelligent analysis, risk identification and rapid warning of tailing pond status parameters and other related information.

    Water vapor inversion function module    


        Ground-based Compass-BeiDou researches three-dimensional water vapor inversion technology to realize high-precision real-time monitoring of atmospheric water vapor content and prediction of future precipitation. Compared with the traditional means of meteorological detection, the water vapor information obtained by Ground-Based Compass has the advantages of high accuracy, high temporal and spatial resolution, cost saving and being independent of time.

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