Internet of Things Monitoring Cloud R&D

Intelligent Chemical Park

     Platform capabilities    

     Platform capabilities    

exhibition layer


business layer

Basic Information

Report Push

Equipment Monitoring

Hazard management

Data monitoring

security management

data analysis

Intelligent Maintenance

Alarm monitoring

Rights Management

podium floor

Equipment Calibration Module

Configuration Management Services

Bus Acquisition Service

Resource management services

Remote Upgrade Service

Cloud Inspection Services

Alarm components

Forwarder module

device layer

     Core Advantages    

Free configuration

Offers a wide range of functional modules and components

Scene components are rich and free to mix and match

Data and animation are displayed in real time, and monitoring is more intuitive: templates are built quickly.

content Copy

functional module

Basic Information Module

Security management module

Monitoring and control modules, etc.

Big Data Showcase

One-stop multi-dimensional data visualization interface

Real-time display of various data uploaded by the device or data from other systems.

The book display interface is rendered using web components, no additional software installation is required.

open docking (economics)

Provides a variety of standard communication methods

Support for interfacing between old and new systems


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