Dust monitoring

Dangerous Houses Monitoring

     System Advantages    

     Monitoring elements    

     Equipment structure    

Shuttered Box Sensors

Contains: temperature, humidity, noise, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, atmospheric pressure sensors

warning light

Alarm lamp blinks when data exceeds the limit, as judged by the set threshold value

Wind speed and direction sensors

Determine the size and direction of the wind speed, equipment parameters in strict accordance with the requirements of national standards of measurement design

LED display

Data visualization, convenient for site personnel to view the environmental status in a timely manner.LED display average life expectancy of more than 20,000 hours

electronic control box

Responsible for equipment power supply and transmission. Solar power supply system is also available as an option

3m anticorrosive riser

Integral design, the height of the pole is in line with the EIA collection requirements of not less than 2.8 meters

     system platform    

One Map Platform

A single chart synthesizes information from multiple monitoring programs

Real-time data monitoring

Monitoring data is uploaded in real time via 4G network and processed by the platform in real time

Monitoring and early warning mobile

WeChat small program and mobile APP multi-channel display monitoring project, support inspection data entry, flexible operation

     Data analysis module    

Fact Sheet

Monitoring the overall status of early warning in the region
Statistics on individual projects

warning message

Four-color warning information, leveled warning push
SMS, email and other push methods

data analysis

Trend analysis of environmental monitoring data
Multi-source data synthesis presentation

Automatic generation of monitoring reports

Automatically generated by the system according to the settings
Daily, weekly, monthly and annual monitoring reports

     Project Cases    

Site Dust Monitoring Cases
Site Dust Monitoring Cases
Site Dust Monitoring Cases
Site Dust Monitoring Cases