High-speed rail communication tower automated monitoring and early warning system

1moon8Mr. Wang Mingming, the person in charge of the technical department of the company, led the technical team to Zhejiang Qingtian High-speed Railway Station for the installation and debugging of Beidou automated monitoring system for high-speed railway communication base station towers, and a total of one continuous operation reference station, two real-time monitoring stations and one real-time meteorological station were built.

High-speed rail communication base station tower, as the infrastructure carrying the reception and transmission of wireless information, has very important significance and value in the field of high-speed rail, and is an important hub for the safety assurance of high-speed rail communication network. However, factors such as crustal movement, harsh climate, aging and oxidation, potential man-made theft and damage, etc., will bring certain safety hazards to the tower, and even lead to tower tilting, collapse, etc., thus affecting the normal operation of high-speed rail.

Traditional monitoring methods make it difficult to automate 24/7 monitoring of the displacement of communication towers and the surrounding climate environment."High-speed rail communication base station tower safety operation automated monitoring and early warning system"It not only saves manpower and material resources as well as financial resources, but also improves the high precision of measurement, which greatly enhances the level of applying high technology to solve the problems of production practice in the railroad sector, and provides important technical guarantee for the safe production of high-speed railways.