Automated Geological Hazard Monitoring Project Launched in Xining City's Collapsed Areas

2017surname Nian5moon14On March 28th, Tao Ren, the project leader, went to Xining City, Qinghai Province to carry out the construction of Geological Hazard Automated Monitoring Project in Datong County, Xining City. After a week of construction, the project has been completed, and the automated monitoring of geological disasters in Datong County of Xining City is now in normal operation.1Automated surface displacement (Beidou) monitoring reference stations and4One automated surface displacement (Beidou) monitoring station.

Subsidence monitoring in collapsed areas in the past usually take the traditional mapping regular measurements, but manual monitoring due to the climate, environment, monitoring time and other factors and limitations, can not be in the night, wind and rain and ice and snow and other extreme conditions, it will leave a gap in the monitoring of the time period, and therefore can not be in a timely manner on the real-time monitoring of the subsidence, can not be real-time judgment of the subsidence of the situation, which would result in the loss of the people's lives and property.

Our automated geologic hazard monitoring system is an integration of currentGNSSHigh-precision positioning technology, wireless communication technology, database technology,GNSSThe latest technological achievements, such as communication technology, have led to the development of a comprehensive system for automated monitoring of geological hazards, which is capable of monitoring objects in real time and predicting and analyzing the results in order to assist decision-making. The system is capable of24Hourly automation, all-weather, all-round, high-precision real-time collection of monitoring data, without personnel on duty, high timeliness, reliability, safety is guaranteed, will be put into use to help real-time understanding of the surface of the subsidence area of the activity of the situation, to meet the real-time monitoring and early warning requirements, will be for the people of the region to provide protection for the safety of life and property.