Lancang River Lajin Shengu Landslide Monitoring Project

2019surname Nian7moon14Invited by the Northwest Institute of China Electric Construction, the company set up the Lancang River Lajin Shengu Landslide Monitoring Project Project Team to carry out emergency monitoring work in Lajin Shengu Landslide.

Lajin Shengu Landslide is located in Guzha Village, Yanmen Township, Deqin County, Yunnan Province, an ancient landslide in the middle section of the Hengduan Mountains and on the right bank of the upper reaches of the Lancang River. Since6moon7Starting on January 1, 2012, the back edge of the landslide cracked, and the cracks in the back edge continued to develop from top to bottom on both sides. As of7moon9The deformation of the trailing edge of the landslide and the boundaries on both sides became stronger on the day, and the cracks were laterally wide15~80cmUp and down.5~380cmextending along the posterior margin and on both sides for a length of approximately1200meters, the back edge of the landslide and the north side of the crack is now all through, the south side of the crack has also been extended to the middle and lower. Blue Qingxi ancient suspension bridge at the front edge of the landslide was deformed by the extrusion of the front edge of the landslide, and the middle part of the bridge deck was raised upwards.2meters. The landslide is currently in the deformation development stage, the stability is poor, if it continues to develop, there is the possibility of destabilization into the river.

After several days of emergency construction, the successful completion of the16Sets of BeiDou displacement monitoring stations,2Sets of Beidou reference stations,1Rainfall monitoring stations and1A temperature and humidity monitoring station.