Nanjing Gulou District Landslide Geological Hazard Deformation Monitoring Project

The Tiger Hill Landslide Geological Hazard Hazard Site is located at Yanjiang Road, along Tiger Hill, Baotaqiao Street, Gulou District, Nanjing, China.142The landform pattern is low hills on the eastern slopes of No. 1. The slope of the ground surface is steep, mostly greater than30°In the area, local slopes are steep and straight, and bedrock is exposed on steep elevations. The stratigraphic structure of the area is complex, with distribution of greywacke, shale and gravel, and development of joints and fissures, with differential weathering. Due to the loose soil, when it rains, the pore water pressure increases, resulting in the tendency of the slide body to slide downward, seriously threatening the lives and property safety of the people in the neighborhood around the landslide body.

9moon22On the day of the emergency department notification, our company organized a professional team stationed in Tiger Mountain, for a week of monitoring system construction work. On this month27The construction of the whole set of automated built system was finalized and delivered on Sunday. The system realizes the24Hourly real-time collection of monitoring data, without the need for personnel on duty, the system is put into use to help real-time understanding of the activities of landslides, to meet the requirements of real-time monitoring and early warning, to provide security for the lives of the people.