Qucheng Tailings Storage Safety Monitoring and Early Warning Program goes live

Dehua County Qucheng Mining Co., Ltd. is designed with a total height of 86m of tailings dam (including 30m of the initial dam and 56m of the tailings accumulation dam), forming a total capacity of 5.8 million m³, and the design grade is a second-class tailings storage. The existing monitoring system in the reservoir area has some aging and damaged sensors, which can't meet the demand for intelligent safety monitoring of tailing ponds, and there is an urgent need to equip a more perfect monitoring system.

Under the leadership of project manager Zhu Fan, the company's technical staff built a total of surface displacement, deep displacement, infiltration line, dry beach length, reservoir water level and meteorological monitoring stations, and built a tailings pond intelligent safety monitoring and early warning platform, through the fusion of multi-source heterogeneous information to achieve a comprehensive early warning of the monitoring data of Qiu Cheng tailings pond.

At present, the intelligent safety monitoring and early warning system of Qiu Cheng tailing pond is running stably and the results are reliable.