Safety net monitoring of tungsten mine tailing pond in Dahutang North District, Wuning County, China

Wuning County Dahutang South District tungsten mine tailings pond design total dam height is29.1m, with a capacity of 24.58×104m3, there are no buildings and no residents within 2km downstream of the tailing pond. According to the Design Code for Tailings Facilities (GB50863-2013), the tailings pond is a fifth-class pond, with the main building at level 5 and the secondary building at level 5. The tailing pond discharge method is overflow from the dam top spillway.

A total of surface displacement reference stations are deployed in this project.1 set, 1 set of surface displacement monitoring station, 1 set of reservoir level monitoring station, and 4 sets of video monitoring stations. Our company entered the construction site in mid-August 2021 and has completed the installation of all stations.

Combined with our own cloud platform, Internet of Things, network communication technology and other technologies, the monitoring of tailing ponds is upgraded to the level of digitization, automation and networking, which improves the monitoring accuracy, real-time monitoring and intelligence of tailing ponds.