Xinyang Mining Second Tailings Storage Safety Net Monitoring

Xinyang Mining's second tailing pond is designed with a total capacity of88.5×104m³, initial dam height 26m, tailings accumulation height 47m, total height of the dam 73m.According to the requirements stipulated in Article 2.0.4 of the Design Code for Tailings Facilities of Mineral Processing Plants (ZBJ1-90), the designed tailings storage is a 3-class tailings storage.

According to the design requirements of the tailing pond, a total of surface displacement monitoring stations are installed in this project.1 set, 4 sets of internal displacement monitoring stations, 2 sets of infiltration line monitoring stations, 2 sets of dry beach monitoring stations, 2 sets of reservoir level monitoring stations, and 1 set of audible and visual alarm stations. We completed the installation of all equipment in mid-September 2021.

The online monitoring system of tailing pond can timely and intuitively grasp the actual dynamics of the dam, carry out safety evaluation, early warning and forecasting, and provide powerful support for the safety monitoring and management decision-making of tailing dams.