Cobo at IoT World Expo 2021 to lead the future by association

October22date-10moon25Day, to"Wisdom Connects Everything digital future"themed2021 World Internet of Things Expo (Hereinafter referred to as: IOTC) was held at the Taihu International Expo Center in Wuxi.from all over the world30Exhibition industry, societies and entrepreneurial elites from many countries gathered in Wuxi to discuss the Internet of Things cutting-edge technology, application spacerespond in singingFuture Trends.general meetingcenter on (an issue)outposthot issue(math.) genusTo stimulate IoT industry thinking and insights, and to promote collaborative and innovative development of the IoT industry.

    display area510,000 square meters, mainly emphasizing the scene landing of IoT industry applications, setting6A display infield,1A display outfield as well as1The main summit halls, in accordance with the5Gand IoT Communications, Smart Sensing and Industrial Internet, Smart Cities and IoT Solutions, Smart Living and Telematics, and Smart Education,5GVirtual reality experience and other themes, showing the latest technology and application achievements in the field of Internet of Things.