Chenkeng Tailings Pond Safety Monitoring Completed in Longyan City, Fujian, China

       Chenkeng Tailings Storage Facility in Longyan City, Fujian Province belongs to Fujian Markeng Mining Co., Ltd. and the type of tailings storage facility is valley type and the tailings storage facility is a second class storage facility. In response to the requirements of Fujian Province on the automated on-line monitoring of tailing ponds, the person in charge of Fujian area of our company went to Quanzhou City, Fujian Province with our technicians to monitor the local tailing ponds.corporationsA field survey visit was conducted and a relevant monitoring program was developed in accordance with the provisions of the General Requirements for the Construction of Online Monitoring System for Tailings Storage Pools in Fujian Province. In total, 4 units of surface displacement, 3 branches of dip line, 5 units of dry beach, 1 unit of reservoir water level and 1 unit of rain gauge were installed.

        At present, the sites are running stably, the equipment is normal, the measured value is small, the data is stable and the results are reliable. Comprehensive monitoring results of various projects show that the monitoring system of the tailing pond is running well, and it has been praised by the owner and the acceptance experts as well as the management departments.