Successful Completion of Open Pit Safety Monitoring Project at Dagushan Iron Mine

        Dagushan iron ore mine is located in the southeast of Anshan City, Liaoning Province, covering an area of 10.6 square kilometers, with rich iron ore reserves known as the Ten Mile Iron Mountain, after nearly a century of mining, Dagushan from a 280-meter-high mine to the 286-meter-underground pit, the pit along the direction of the length of 1,620 meters, a width of 1,200 meters, an area equivalent to more than a dozen "Bird's Nest! "Dagushan is also the deepest open-pit iron ore mine in Asia.

       Due to the spiral open pit mining, high risk slopes were formed around the area. in May 2023, the company's technical team used automated monitoring to conduct real-time deformation and hydrological monitoring of the slopes at the bottom of the pit. A total of 4 deep displacement monitoring points, 4 pore water pressure monitoring points and 1 rainfall monitoring point were deployed.