slope radar

This slope radar equipment mainly utilizes pulse compression, synthetic aperture, differential interference, phase de-entanglement and wavelet denoising techniques to realize high-resolution identification of the target object in the distance direction and azimuthal direction, and takes phase as the object of research, deduces the high-precision deformation information of the measured area through differential interferometry, and can remotely measure the deformation and settlement indexes of the open-air slopes, tailing ponds, dams and mines, and the measurement accuracy can reach up to 0.1mm, telemetry distance up to 3~5 kilometers, real-time scanning of a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional targets to achieve real-time collapse alarm. This product supports solar power supply, low power consumption of the equipment, suitable for field work, higher reliability.

Product Details



This slope radar equipment is specially designed for open pit mine slopes, tailings pond dams and other areas of themillimeterreal-time deformation measurements, with accuracy up to0.1mmTelemetry distance up to3~5 kilometers. This product supports solar power supply, low power consumption of the device, suitable for field work and higher reliability.

Product Advantages

Product Features

Work efficiency:The system can realize fast scanning and tracking of landslides on narrow slopes, and the system scanning cycle is as fast as 1~10 seconds.

Product Testing:FCC, CE, IC international certification, CNAS third-party measurement certification

High stability:24/7/365 real-time monitoring

● Easily portable:Radar mainframe ≤15kg, support single person to carry and set up

Multi-source data fusion:Can be fused with UAV mapping data and support 3D model importing

● Power supply modes are abundant:Supports utility, generator, solar and other power supply modes

● Flexibility in erection:Supports fixed, vehicle mounted and other erection methods

Performance indicators

Frequency band: X-band
Distance resolution: 0.5 meters
The highest precision of deformation monitoring: ≤0.1 mm
Routine scanning cycle: 5~15 minutes

Maximum monitoring distance: 3~5 kilometers

Azimuth resolution: 9 mrad

Monitoring angle range: 180 x 45 degrees

Pitch angle: 9 degrees

Communication interface: Gigabit network

Waterproof rating: IP66

Operating humidity: <95%RH

Environmental Adaptability: -40℃~50℃

Power supply type: AC220V or DC24V

Power consumption: 70W

Visualization Platform

:: Support for the fusion of radar deformation images and UAV 3D mapping digital model alignment

● Supporting the selection of pixels in the radar image and reading of monitoring data such as displacement amount and deformation speed.

:: DEM import function, which can generate DEM of the monitored area and integrate with the radar deformation monitoring results to generate a three-dimensional map.

:: Automatic release of monitoring results, which can be unattended

Real-time monitoring platform

  • Foolproof operation:Support in the mainstream WIN system running, simple operation, no threshold for use
  • Stable data transmission:Directly connected to the radar host, real-time acquisition of radar signals
  • Data scanning mode:High-speed scanning and tracking (1-10s) and regular scanning and tracking (5-15 minutes).

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