Six systems for mines

    Functional composition of the&nbspsystem    

     Water supply and rescue systems    

System characteristics:

:: Water supply source optimization and scheduling function

:: The ability to provide emergency water supply during a disaster at all mining sites, main bunkers and other places where people are concentrated

:: Abnormal pipe network alarm function

:: Monitoring functions for water source, pressure and flow rate of the main water pipe network, and water quality monitoring functions for the pressure and flow rate of the branch water pipe network.

:: Water filtration function

:: Basic dust-proof water supply function

:: Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of the system is not less than 800h

  • This sensor is suitable for continuous measurement of the vibration of coal mine mechanical and electrical equipment, with explosive gas mixtures in the place of use, the transmission of 4-20mA electrical signal for the motor and other equipment, special sensors, but also can measure the vibration of other mechanical and electrical equipment changes.

  • Main technical parameters

    (1) Rated operating voltage: DC 24V;

    (2) Operating current: ≤25mA;

    (3) Output signal system: (4-20) mA;

    (4) Measuring range of vibration speed: 0-20mm/s, error: ≤±5% (F.S.);

    (5) Frequency response: in the frequency range of 20 ~ 1000Hz, vibration speed of 10mm/s, the relative error of frequency response is not greater than ± 8% (relative to the frequency of 80Hz);

    (6) Function: The sensor is capable of collecting vibration signals and converting them into two-wire current signals for transmission;

    (7) Protection class: IP54.

  • GPD10 coal mine pressure sensor, belongs to mine intrinsically safe equipment, can continuously monitor the pressure of gas and liquid in the pipeline, and real-time display the gauge pressure value of the measured point. In addition to the KJ70N coal mine monitoring system with the use of other domestic coal mine monitoring system is also compatible.

  • Main technical parameters

(1) Explosion-proof type: Intrinsically safe for mining, marked as "Exib I Mb".

(2) Rated supply voltage: 18V.DC.

(3) Operating current: ≤80mA.

(4) Measuring range: (0 ~ 10) MPa; Resolution: 0.01 MPa

(5) Basic error: ±0.2 MPa ;

(6) Output signal: RS485, frequency output range: (200 ~ 1000) Hz; current output range 1mA ~ 5mA or 4mA ~ 20m

  • GUY5(A) coal mine input level sensor selects imported stainless steel diaphragm sensitive components, the chip is installed into a stainless steel shell, using a special waterproof ventilated cable to lead the signal out. Measurement is not affected by atmospheric pressure, corrosion can be directly into the water, oil, etc. (including corrosive liquids).

  • Main technical parameters

(1) Explosion-proof type: Exib I Mb

(2) Measuring range: 0m~5m

(3) Power supply voltage: DC18V

(4) Operating current: ≤100mA

(5) Separate rate: digital tube resolution 0.01m

(6) Basic function: the measuring range of the alarm point is set arbitrarily, and the difference between the alarm point and the set value should be no more than ±0.05m.

                            Acoustic signal loudness should be ≥80dB (A) at a distance of 1m away from the optical signal should be able to be clearly visible at a distance of 20m.

(7) Output signal: Current: 4mA~20mA or 1mA~5mA; Frequency: 200Hz~1000Hz; RS485:2400bps

  • KGT9-A mining electromechanical equipment start-stop sensor, KGT9-E mining electromechanical equipment start-stop sensor is mainly used for monitoring the start-stop status of underground coal mine electromechanical equipment (such as coal miner, conveyor, elevator, crusher, bureau fan, pumping station, blower, etc.), and convert the detected start-stop signals into all kinds of standard signals to be transmitted to the monitoring system of the mine (or other carrier equipment transmitting information to the ground, etc.), which can realize the centralized continuous automatic monitoring of the whole mine electrical equipment from the ground. The sensor can realize the centralized and continuous automatic monitoring of the opening and closing status of the electrical equipment of the whole mine from the ground. The sensor is to ensure safe production in the mine, real-time monitoring of mine production conditions, practical and reliable automation equipment, can also be used as a basis for statistics on the operation of various mechanical and electrical equipment, running time and equipment utilization. The sensor is intrinsically safe for mining use and adopts new optimized design. It is characterized by novel structure, easy installation and use, low power consumption, strong adaptability, stable and reliable performance, and maintenance-free.

  • Main technical parameters:  

(1) Explosion-proof type: Intrinsically safe for mining use, marked as "ExibI".

(2) Supply voltage: DC 18V;

(3) Voltage fluctuation range: DC 12 to 24V;

(4) Operating current: ≤15mA.

(5) Measured equipment current load (action value): AC 5A±1A (three-phase).

(6) Range of power supply cables for the equipment under test: Cable outer diameter: Φ16~Φ80mm.

(7) Working mode: directly clamped to the outer skin of the power supply cable, continuous operation.

(8) Output signal transmission distance: ≥2Km.

(9) Output Signal: KGT9-A Constant Current: +5mA/-5mA; KGT9-E Potential-free Contact: Normally Open; RS485 Signal: 2400bps

  • GPD100F Coal Mine Duct Negative Pressure Sensor can continuously monitor the differential pressure at the locations of mine fan, air door closure, ventilation tunnel, gas pipeline, etc. It can display the value of the measured point in real time. It can display the differential pressure value of the measured point in real time, and can be used not only with our KJ70X monitoring system, but also with other manufacturers' coal mine monitoring systems.

  • Main technical parameters

(1) Explosion-proof type: Intrinsically safe, marking "Exia I Mb".

(2) Measuring range: -100kPa~0kPa

(3) Operating voltage: DC18V

(4) Operating current: ≤150mA

(5) Basic error: ±3%

(6) Separate rate: 1kPa

(7) Protection grade: IP65

(8) Output signal:

        a) Current 4mA~20mA or 1mA~5mA

        b) Frequency 200Hz to 1000Hz

        c) RS485 2400bps

        Remarks: GPD100 Coal Mine Pipeline Pressure Transducer has the same parameters except the range (0kPa~100kPa) is different.