Real-time automated monitoring system for bedrock markers

2017surname Nian3moon3On January 28th, the staff of R&D Department of the company went to Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, to carry out normal upgrading and transformation of the automatic monitoring system of deep bedrock marker displacement. After one day of software upgrading and hardware remodeling, the system was upgraded on the same day.18:00Continue to operate normally.

The purpose of the bedrock markers is to give a very high accuracy guarantee for leveling the entire ground subsidence area. In order to achieve this, the absolute stability of the bedrock markers must be ensured.

The upgraded automated monitoring system has made a new breakthrough in monitoring accuracy, which can more accurately grasp the change of bedrock displacement; at the same time, the backstage management is more humanized, the transmission efficiency is faster, and the transmission environment is more secure and stable. After upgrading, the whole system is running well, and the monitoring accuracy and transmission stability have reached the expected goal.