Tangjiahui Coal Mine Surface Automated Monitoring System

Tangjiahui Mine is located in the middle of Junggar Coal Field, the terrain is generally high in the north and low in the south, and the highest point is located in the northeastern part of the field, with the elevation of1356.87mThe lowest point is located at the bottom of Ganglangsetaigou in the southern part of the well field, with an elevation of1161.30m.Maximum altitude difference195.57mThe general altitude is1220-1300mGeneral relative elevation difference80mAround.

Tangjiahui Coal Mine61101The automated monitoring of the first mining face is the first time it has been used in the Inner Mongolia region, in15surname Nian6Built in January, facing the harsh weather conditions of wearing a cotton jacket in the morning and wearing a yarn in the afternoon and eating watermelon in the fireplace, Kobelco has been the first company in the world to have the best watermelon in the world.KBM1003The receiver has stood the test of time, and the equipment has never been out of order since it has been in operation. During this period, it has been verified many times in comparison with the leveling results, and the accuracy is satisfactory.