Nanjing Beidou Landslide Intelligent Monitoring and Early Warning Demonstration Project

On April 29, 2017, Wang Mingming, the head of the company's technical department, led the technical team to Nanjing Pukou Pigtou Mountain on the Beidou Landslide Intelligent Monitoring and Early Warning Demonstration Project.

After a month of construction, the project is in normal operation, with one Beidou displacement reference station, eight Beidou displacement monitoring stations, six inclinometer monitoring points, four water level monitoring points, three pore water pressure monitoring points, one rainfall monitoring point, one soil moisture monitoring point and two video monitoring points.

The monitoring system integrates BeiDou positioning technology, sensor monitoring technology, computer technology, communication technology and network technology, and has great advantages in intelligence, automation, all-weather, omni-directional, high-precision and modernization. After the completion of the system, the monitoring data will be collected 24 hours a day in real time, without the need for personnel on duty, with high timeliness, reliability and safety guaranteed. Putting it into use will help to understand the activity status of landslides in real time, and satisfy the requirements of real-time monitoring and early warning, which will provide a guarantee for the safety of the people's lives and properties in the region.