Cobalt Helps--Wuxi Xuelangshan Landslide Monitoring Project

The paragneiss slope on the east slope of Xuelang Mountain in Binhu District, Wuxi City, is a typical type of haul-out slope prone to landslide geologic hazards and is typical of the hilly areas in southern Jiangsu Province. The mining activities in Xuelangshan Mountain have left behind high and steep mining slopes, with the slope direction110°The slopes are down-gradient slopes with a gradient of35°-85°, locally steeper, with a large accumulation of gravelly soil at the bottom of the slope. A number of tensile cracks basically parallel to the slope surface have developed at the trailing edge of the top of the slope, with the maximum width of the cracks approaching1mThe deepest part is up to5 mThe potential landslide volume is approximately20000 m3The

2019surname Nian4In January, the company set up the Wuxi Xuelangshan Landslide Monitoring Project Project Team to carry out the testing work in Wuxi Xuelangshan Landslide. A total of1classifier for individual things or people, general, catch-all classifierGNSSBase station.4classifier for individual things or people, general, catch-all classifierGNSSmonitoring stations in5moon1It was officially completed and put into use on the