Taicang City Yangtze River Dike Deformation Monitoring Project

The Taicang section of the Yangtze River dike is as long as38.8kilometers, protecting the city of Taicang90More than ten thousand people as well as important towns and cities of the flood safety. However, in recent years, the main channel of Taicang Yangtze River channel and the near-shore riverbed brush depth is obvious, and the depth of Hong Kong constantly close to the south bank, Taicang port part of the terminal underwater riverbed scouring is serious, part of the terminal has appeared in danger, on the operation of the terminal and the embankment slope stability to bring a greater security risks. Especially the new Taihai steam ferry to Qianjing gate section along the river enterprise self-built embankment local section of concrete grating below the dry masonry stone subsidence, local slurry stone berm collapse.

In order to guarantee the safety of Yangtze River dike and Taicang port, our company was invited by Taicang Municipal People's Government to set up Taicang Yangtze River dike deformation monitoring project team to Taicang to open the dike monitoring work. The whole project was built25Sets of Beidou displacement monitoring stations provide security for the Taicang section of the Yangtze River embankment.