State Grid Transmission Line Tower Deformation Monitoring Project

Chaohu, Hefei220KVtemple nest4847threads35#The tower is located in a landslide area, and transmission line towers are prone to tilt, settle or fall under the influence of geological conditions. Once the tower falls, it will cause the transmission line to stop running, the power supply performance will be impaired, and in serious cases, it will even jeopardize the stability of the power grid, resulting in large-scale and prolonged power outages.

2020surname Nian4moon9On the same day, the company organized a special project team to go to Chaohu to carry out the implementation of the Beidou automated monitoring system for the tower. Establishment at the top of the tower1A BeiDou displacement monitoring site, established in a stabilized area around the1A Northcom reference point.

The tower top Beidou monitoring point can realize both the tilt and settlement of transmission towers for7*24Hourly uninterrupted real-time monitoring, but also through the Beidou three-dimensional water vapor inversion technology, to achieve the tower sky region of the atmospheric water vapor content of high-precision real-time monitoring, and then do the regional grid of high-precision weather forecast, conducive to a timely understanding of the landslide area precipitation on the deformation of the tower body of the impact of the state.