Grid transmission tower attitude monitoring system based on BeiDou and meteorological multi-source fusion

Yunnan500KVXiaochu B line075respond in singing076The No. 1 transmission tower is located in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, in a remote village.075The tower has been slightly twisted under the influence of the combined strain of pressure deformation and torsional combined force, which has seriously jeopardized the lives and properties of the people in the surrounding villages.

2020surname Nian9moon8On the same day, the company organized a project team to go to Yunnan, and established two transmission towers respectively.1A set of BeiDou real-time high-precision deformation and meteorological automated monitoring system can sense the deformation trend of transmission towers under different meteorological conditions in real time.

The system supports7*24Hour round-the-clock unattended monitoring, real-time monitoring of transmission tower space displacement, tower tilt attitude; support for automatic sending early warning function, to help solve the tower tilt displacement early warning difficult reality. The system uses high-precision sensing technology as well as Beidou monitoring technology, which can realize accurate detection, visualization and real-time transmission of the condition of the monitoring point, and guarantee the safe operation of the pole tower.

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