Intelligent Piling System

     System Advantages    

BeiDou Intelligent Piling Machine Positioning Guidance System utilizes BeiDou high-precision positioning to provide services such as accurate positioning of piles, piling machine mobile navigation, piling operation statistics, piling machine monitoring and so on for piling machines in construction operation. It greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of piling machine operation, reduces the construction cost, enhances the piling operation capacity of the construction party, and accelerates the project progress of the construction party.

     Solution Architecture    

     System Advantages    

:: Navigational applications with real-time voice-over guidance

● Multi-star multi-mode multi-frequency, Doo/GPS/GLONASS three-star positioning, signal stability and high precision, horizontal error within 3 centimeters

● Industrial triple-proof design, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.

● Importing project piles with one key to visualize the piles for easy drilling.

● With the guidance of the vehicle-mounted display terminal, the pile driver operator can quickly and accurately locate the points without the need for advance sampling and demarcation, which reduces the labor cost and management cost, and greatly improves the construction efficiency.

● Real-time monitoring of drilling depth and rock penetration depth to realize digital twin of piling process.

:: Continuous 24/7 operation

:: Digital management platform with functional platforms for PCs and cell phones

     Monitoring platform    

        Based on cloud computing technology, through the Internet of Things, Internet integration mode, real-time monitoring and management of personnel, equipment, tasks, so that the construction management personnel quickly and accurately control the construction quality and progress of the construction of the project site, receive early warning information, complete the remote project management, and reduce the management costs.

    On-board display PDA    

       On-board display, mobile APP, and webpage are used in multiple ways; fast task dispatching and importing of pile coordinates; easy operation on the on-board side, real-time checking of pile machine position and pile deviation; real-time checking of the construction situation on the mobile APP and webpage side, and comprehensive informationization management of the construction; automatic generation of construction record sheets and other required engineering documents.

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