Zhenghe Zhenglong Mining Meipo Processing Plant Tailings Storage Automation Monitoring

The tailing pond of Zhenghe Zhenglong Mining Meipo Concentrator was built by Fujian Metallurgical Industry Design Institute in 2007, which is one of the largest and most efficient tailing ponds in China.Designed in 2006, the tailing pond is located in Meipo Village, Xingxi Township, Zhenghe County, with a total designed dam height of 28m and a total designed capacity of 13.6×104m³. Because of the important structures downstream of the tailing pond, the tailing pond is upgraded by one level to a level 4 pond.

The online monitoring system designed by our company for the actual situation of this tailing pond mainly includes:One surface displacement reference station, two dam surface displacement monitoring stations, three dip line monitoring stations, one reservoir level monitoring station, one dry beach monitoring station, and one rainfall monitoring station.

This project implements an all-round online monitoring system for tailing ponds which can realize a comprehensive display of the risk distribution of tailing ponds, realize the interconnection of system data, realize the standardization of safety management of tailing ponds, and essentially enhance the level of tailing ponds' safety production management.