Concentration, innovation, sincere service, win-win dream!

2moon10The annual meeting of Jiangsu Kibo was held as scheduled. Centered on the theme of "Concentration, Innovation, Sincere Service, Winning and Dreaming! The theme of the annual meeting, and the main theme of "hard work, the pursuit of excellence", the people of Kibo from all over the world gathered together to summarize2021The achievements and shortcomings of the year, clear2022Goals and directions for the year.

The General Manager stated in the meeting:2021The company has made a small progress in the year under the bad environment, which is the result of the joint efforts of all the staff. However, we can not be satisfied with the status quo and slacken off, to face up to the shortcomings in the work, must be resolved as soon as possible and actively. In the meeting, he also put forward five "speed up" for the company's future planning.:Accelerate to enhance the company's image, accelerate the deployment of market development, accelerate to improve the team building, accelerate to improve the internal management system and accelerate to improve the comprehensive quality and skills of employees.

At the meeting the heads of each department and each branch of the organization were responsible for2021Annual departmental work was summarized and reported, in-depth analysis of the current stage of the problem and put forward the relevant ideas for rectification. After listening to the report of each department, the general manager fully affirmed the work of the previous year, but also put forward the corresponding solutions to the existing problems, and expects that in the new year, each department will be able to achieve better results.

In the final session of the conference, the general manager recognized2021The company also expressed its gratitude to the employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company in the past year, as well as to other employees who have been working hard for the development of the company.

At this point, the annual meeting of Jiangsu Cobo came to a successful end in a sea of joy and laughter, and in the expectation of the new year.


Good luck to Cobo.2022surname Nian:The big show, the tiger's power.!