Zhejiang Hangzhou Tonglu mine slope monitoring, "safety first, prevention first"

      Tonglu mine slopes are dominated by strong~medium weathered bedrock, with a single rock structure, and the current deformation damage mainly consists of downward rock slide, collapse, and block stone spalling and falling blocks. In view of the high and steep slopes, more developed joints and cracks, the existence of unfavorable structural surface combinations, rock fragmentation, blasting and mechanical excavation vibration carried out in the excavation process, exacerbated the destruction of the rock structure, the status quo slope stability is poor, and under unfavorable conditions, landslides, avalanches have a greater likelihood of occurring, and the risk of danger is high. Based on the risk of mineral mining process due to the instability of the slopes in the mining area, there is an urgent need to carry out automated monitoring work on the slopes of Tonglu mine. A total of 37 surface displacement devices, 8 deep displacement monitoring stations, 3 blasting monitoring points, 4 seepage pressure monitoring points, 1 rainfall monitoring point and 4 video screen monitoring points were installed.

      At present, the stations are running stably, the equipment is normal, the measured value is small, the data is stable and the results are reliable. Comprehensive monitoring results of various projects show that the monitoring system of the open-pit mine is running well, and it has been praised by the owner, acceptance experts and management departments.