Inner Mongolia Changtan open-pit coal mine slope monitoring, effective prevention of slope disaster

       Changtan open-pit coal mine belongs to Inner Mongolia Huineng Coal & Electricity Group Co., Ltd, and the location of the open-pit coal mine is Changtan Village, Xuejiawan Town, Jungar Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In order to respond to the requirements of Inner Mongolia on the automated online monitoring of open pit mines, the person in charge of our company in Inner Mongolia together with our technicians went to Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, for a visit to the local open pit mines.corporationsField reconnaissance visits were conducted and a monitoring program was developed. In total, more than 20 pieces of surface displacement equipment were installed.

      At present, the stations are running stably, the equipment is normal, the measured value is small, the data is stable and the results are reliable. Comprehensive monitoring results of various projects show that the monitoring system of the open-pit mine is running well, and it has been praised by the owner, acceptance experts and management departments.