Zhejiang Wenling Daxi open pit mine slope safety monitoring

     Wenling Daxi Mine is located in Tangling Village, Daxi Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, with an area of about 0.1353 square kilometers, mining elevation from +196 m to +50 m. Resource reserves of the mine: estimated by the geological report filed with the Wenling City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau [Wenzui Mining Reserve (2019) No. 01], the economic base reserves controlled by the mining area's stone (tuff) mine for construction (122b): 4,441,700 cubic meters (11,588,200 tons) [of which, 4,127,800 cubic meters (10,897,500 tons) are primary ore and 313,900 cubic meters (690,700 tons) are weathered ore]. In response to the "Zhejiang Province Mine Safety Production Major Accident Hidden Trouble Special Investigation and Rectification 2023 Action Work Program", our Zhejiang District Head and technical staff went to Tangling Village, Daxi Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, to carry out a field survey and visit the local open-pit mines, and formulated a relevant monitoring program. We installed several surface displacement measurement points and rainfall monitoring devices.

       At present, the stations are running stably, the equipment is normal, the measured value is small, the data is stable and the results are reliable. Comprehensive monitoring results of various projects show that the monitoring system of the open-pit mine is running well, and it has been praised by the owner, acceptance experts and management departments.