The company donated instruments and innovation funds to Anhui University of Science and Technology to help scientific and technological innovation!

       On the afternoon of June 14, 2023, the donation ceremony of instruments and innovation funds of Jiangsu Kibo Space Information Technology Co. was held in Conference Room 503 of Quben Building of Anhui University of Technology. Zhang Pingsong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the university and vice president of the university, attended the donation ceremony and delivered a speech. Coal mining 74 alumni, Nanjing Chemical Construction Industry Group, the former deputy director of Chen Dusheng, geology 83 alumni, Jiangsu Coal Geology Bureau of Discipline Inspection Committee deputy secretary Zhang Hongan, electrical 89 alumni, Nanjing Pai Guang high-speed transport wisdom perception of the deputy general manager of the Institute of Wu Haijun, surveying and mapping 2000 alumni, Nanjing University of Information Engineering, deputy director of science and technology industry, founder of the Jiangsu Kobo spatial information science and technology Co. Ltd. and other alumni, including Ke Fuyang, deputy director of Science and Technology Industry Department of Nanjing University of Information Engineering and founder of Jiangsu Kibo Space Information Technology Co. The meeting was hosted by the person in charge of School of Spatial Information and Surveying and Mapping Engineering.

       Vice President Zhang Pingsong welcomed Mr. Ke Fuyang and his delegation, and expressed his gratitude to Mr. Ke for his donation of instruments, equipment and innovation funds to the university. He introduced to the alumni the landmark achievements of the university's scientific research platform, discipline construction, talent cultivation, school running characteristics and the "four integration" development strategy. He pointed out that the university has entered the fast lane of high-quality development, and the development of the university can not be separated from the care and support of the alumni, and the university is looking forward to further deepening cooperation with the alumni and promoting the common development of the alumni and the alumni.

Donation Ceremony

       On behalf of the university, Zhang Pingsong, vice president of Anhui University of Technology, held a donation handover ceremony with Ke Fuyang, founder of Jiangsu Kobo Space Information Technology Co.

Donation Ceremony

        The donated BeiDou and Multi-sensor Automated Monitoring System is a combination of multiple advantages such as support for multi-satellite systems, high positioning accuracy, good compatibility, low power consumption, etc. It is widely used in the fields of intelligent mines, coal mine subsidence areas, tailing ponds, landslides, slopes, reservoirs and dams, bridges and tunnels,, electric power, telecommunication pylons, and buildings. The system plays a role in promoting the laboratory construction of the School of Spatial Information and Surveying and Mapping Engineering. It will provide important support and promotion for the scientific research and teaching practice of Anhui University of Technology, and help to promote the university's scientific and technological innovation and the development of education.