GNSS displacement monitoring

Adaptive monitoring:According to the application scenario and the risk level of the monitoring point, the working mode can be adjusted to combine dynamic and static monitoring to provide high-precision displacement accumulation, velocity and precipitable water.

All-in-one design:Integrates multi-mode and multi-frequency high-precision GNSS positioning board, GNSS antenna and 4G/5G network communication module in one unit, easy installation and one-button operation.

Environmental adaptability:Average trouble-free operating hours ≥ 45,000 hours.

Ultra-low power consumption:The power consumption of the whole machine can be controlled between 2~6W.

Easy to operate:Visualization of cloud remote operation, equipment built-in SIM card, on-site personnel only need to power up to observe the indicator light, reducing the requirements for installation and commissioning personnel.

Cloud Control:The cloud platform can intelligently monitor the power supply voltage of the all-in-one machine, communication signal strength and other equipment work status information, to ensure that the monitoring system runs uninterruptedly for 7*24 hours.

Remote Mode Configuration: The cloud can remotely configure the two working modes of real-time RTK and after-solution of the all-in-one machine, dynamically changing the working mode and monitoring frequency according to the monitoring scenario, effectively improving the efficiency of work response.