Deep displacement monitoring

This array displacement meter is a flexible and pliable, standard 3D measurement system. Measure 2D, 3D deformation values using a dense set of array MEMS microelectromechanical systems and a proven model calculation program. The Array Displacement Meter has no preferred axis, is freely bendable and can be mounted in a variety of ways, vertically, horizontally or in a ring. Array Displacement Gauge reacts to the angular change of the corresponding axial direction and gravity direction by measuring the acceleration change of accelerometers in different axial directions, and the displacement change of corresponding nodes is deduced from the angular change. Advanced measurement and control technology, gravity acceleration measurement technology, sensor temperature compensation technology, core algorithm modeling technology and other technologies are utilized to realize real-time on-line monitoring of X, Y, Z three-dimensional deformation of the monitored object.

Product Details



Array Displacement Gauge is a new, intelligent, three-dimensional deformation monitoring sensor adapted to a variety of industrial applications, mainly used for displacement (deformation), angle, acceleration, vibration, temperature measurement in three-dimensional space. The core technology of the sensor is maturely applied in many monitoring fields such as hydropower, railroad, tunnel, slope, tailing, pit, etc. The data accuracy and stability have been strictly verified.

Product Advantages

Slope monitoringtake

Measurable data per meter

Strong data continuity

:: Accurate response to internal displacement and deformation

7*24 hours real-time monitoring

● Abundant power supply modes


Tunnel wall monitoringtake

Strong data visualization

quality-price ratio

7*24-hour real-time monitoring

● Easy installation


Product features 01: Multi-factor output, more accurate and stable

  • Multi-factor output: using edge computing technology, direct output of displacement (deformation), inclination, acceleration vibration frequency, amplitude, temperature and other data, without the need for external solving; fully utilizing the acceleration calibration technology, temperature compensation technology, the product data is more accurate, more stable operation.

Product Feature 02: Multi-scene Application

  • Applied to water conservancy dam internal settlement and horizontal displacement, large reservoir dam slope, railroad and highway slope, geological disaster landslide, tunnel convergence deformation, deep pit displacement, oil and gas pipelines and other large structural deformation ancient building deformation, offshore wind power foundation deformation, deep sea pipeline deformation monitoring and other fields.

Product Feature 03: Interface Friendly

  • Adopting standard RS485 interface or RS232 interface output, it can be directly connected to DTU, serial server or other collectors, which is very convenient to integrate.

Technical Parameters

Measurement direction

X, Y, Z 3D or X, Z 2D

Monitoring elements

Displacement, angle, acceleration, vibration, temperature

Length of single section

50cm/100cm/Support customization

Maximum length






range (of scales or measuring equipment)


resolution (of a photo)



0.005° high accuracy

0.05° general accuracy

displacement (vector)

resolution (of a photo)



highly accurate

Better than ±1mm@50m

General Precision

Better than ±3mm@50m

running the Changjiang or Yangtze river (as a dare-devil sport)

highly accurate

Better than 1mm@50m

Temperature range:-20~55℃.

General Precision

Better than 2.5mm@50m

Temperature range:-20~55℃.


(for amplitude

10mg or more

Vibration monitoring)

vibration frequency




Resolution 1mg, accuracy 3mg


resolution (of a photo)




operating voltage

DC 5~30V, DC 12V recommended

Operating Current

≤1.8mA@12V/section (average)

<5mA@12V/section (instantaneous max.)

hardware interface

RS485 interface (default) or RS232 interface

communications protocol

See Array Displacement Gauge Development Guide

Overall dimensions

Maximum φ22mm, minimum φ18mm

Product Material

304 stainless steel, high-strength watertight sealing tube

Product weight


operating temperature


protection class


water pressure

Standard 2MPa (200m water depth)

High-pressure version 4.5 MPa (450 m water depth)

automated monitoring.automatic calibrationProviding reliable data