Six systems for mines

    Functional composition of the&nbspsystem    

     pressure wind self-rescue    

System characteristics:

● With six functions such as stable pressure adjustment, manual flow adjustment, three-stage silencing, filtration, drainage, and dust prevention, and free movement within the spring tube range.

:: The use of lightweight medical masks with health permits, which are weightless and odorless to wear for long periods of time.

● Each group of respirators is individually equipped with a pressure-reducing filtering valve, which filters impurities, water and oil from the air, reduces the noise of the pressurized air, and controls the air pressure, so that workers can breathe smoothly.

:: Breathing spring tubes are lengthened so that people waiting for rescue can move around in a small area without preventing workers from sitting or sleeping.

● Solve the problems of the old type of pressurized air self-rescuer, such as the worker's head sticking into the bag of the wind pipe to block the line of sight, and not being able to understand the changes in the surrounding environment, thus generating emotional anxiety affecting the self-rescue.

:: Each group of respirators is individually equipped with a pressure-reducing filtering valve, which filters impurities, water and oil from the air, reduces the noise of the pressurized air, and controls the air pressure, so that workers can breathe smoothly.

  • Model KGW5 digital temperature sensor is an intrinsically safe equipment for mining, which is used for detecting the ambient temperature underground in coal mines. The sensor is composed of several parts, such as temperature probe, microcontroller, display, output, and circuit, etc. The sensor is characterized by ease of use, stability and reliability. The sensor is easy to use, stable and reliable, etc. It can be used with various domestic monitoring systems.

  • Main technical parameters

    1) Measuring range: (-5 to 100)℃;

    2) Explosion-proof type: Exib I Mb;

    3) Basic error: ±1.5℃;

    4) Output Signal:

    1. a) Frequency 200Hz to 1000Hz;
    2. b) RS485 2400bps;

    5) Operating power: DC18V;

    6) Operating current: ≤40mA;

    7) Working environment: Relative humidity<95%;

    8) Protection class: IP65;

  • Negative pressure sensor for coal mine can continuously monitor the differential pressure at the location of mine fan, air door confinement, ventilation tunnel and so on. It can display the differential pressure value of the measured point in real time.

  • Main technical parameters

1. Explosion-proof type: Exib I Mb

2. Measuring range: -5kPa~0kPa

3. Working voltage: DC18V

4. Working current: ≤100mA

5. Protection grade: IP65

6. Output signal:

  Current 4mA~20mA

  Frequency 200Hz to 1000Hz

  RS485 2400bps

  • KGT9-A mining electromechanical equipment start-stop sensor, KGT9-E mining electromechanical equipment start-stop sensor is mainly used for monitoring the start-stop status of underground coal mine electromechanical equipment (such as coal miner, conveyor, elevator, crusher, bureau fan, pumping station, blower, etc.), and convert the detected start-stop signals into all kinds of standard signals to be transmitted to the monitoring system of the mine (or other carrier equipment transmitting information to the ground, etc.), which can realize the centralized continuous automatic monitoring of the whole mine electrical equipment from the ground. The sensor can realize the centralized and continuous automatic monitoring of the opening and closing status of the electrical equipment of the whole mine from the ground. The sensor is to ensure safe production in the mine, real-time monitoring of mine production conditions, practical and reliable automation equipment, can also be used as a basis for statistics on the operation of various mechanical and electrical equipment, running time and equipment utilization. The sensor is intrinsically safe for mining use and adopts new optimized design. It is characterized by novel structure, easy installation and use, low power consumption, strong adaptability, stable and reliable performance, and maintenance-free.

  • Main technical parameters

1. Explosion-proof type: intrinsically safe for mining use, marked as "ExibI".

2. Supply voltage: DC 18V;

3. Voltage fluctuation range: DC 12~24V;

4. Working current: ≤15mA.

5. Measured equipment current load (action value): AC 5A ± 1A (three-phase).

6. Scope of power supply cable for the measured equipment: Cable O.D.: Φ16~Φ80mm.

7. Working mode: directly clamped on the outer skin of the power supply cable, continuous work.

8. Output signal transmission distance: ≥2Km.

9. Output signal: KGT9-A Constant current: +5mA/-5mA; KGT9-E Potential-free contact: normally open; RS485 signal: 2400bps

  • KT109R-K Mining Explosion-proof and Intrinsically Safe Wireless Base Station Controller is mainly composed of switches, patch panels and so on. The switch is the core device of the controller, the main equipment of the system network connection, undertaking the transmission of system network data, the device supports full-duplex flow control, adopts store-and-forward technology, verifies the correctness and completeness of the data packet before forwarding, and reduces unnecessary data exchange. It supports mutual exchange of input and output data of six optical signals; the patch panel mainly provides isolation of network signals, and after isolation, it provides two intrinsically safe Ethernet ports with 10/100M adaptive rate.

  • Main technical parameters:  

(1) Rated operating voltage: DC 24V;

(2) Operating current: ≤25mA;

(3) Output signal system: (4-20) mA;

(4) Measuring range of vibration speed: 0-20mm/s, error: ≤±5% (F.S.);

(5) Frequency response: in the frequency range of 20 ~ 1000Hz, vibration speed of 10mm/s, the relative error of frequency response is not greater than ± 8% (relative to the frequency of 80Hz);

(6) Function: The sensor is capable of collecting vibration signals and converting them into two-wire current signals for transmission;

(7) Protection class: IP54.

  • GJC4 methane sensor is a kind of intelligent detecting instrument for detecting methane content in the air of underground coal mine. Zeroing, sensitivity, non-linear compensation and other functions can be realized by remote control, which has the advantages of high precision, stable and reliable, easy to use. Not only can it be used with our KJ70X monitoring system, but also can be used with other manufacturers' coal mine monitoring system.

  • Main technical indicators

    (1) Explosion-proof type: intrinsically safe and explosion-proof type, sign "Exdib I Mb";

    (2) Measurement range: (0~4)%CH4, ventilation flow rate: 200mL/min;

    (3) Signal output:

    (4) Frequency range: 200 Hz to 1000 Hz (pulse width greater than 0.3 ms);

    (5) RS485 signal: 2400bps;

    (6) Response time: should be no more than 20s;

    (7) Supply voltage: DC 9V~24V;

    (8) Operating current: less than 80mA at rated DC 18V;

    (9) Remote control distance: not less than 5m;

    (10) Basic error: Measurement error 0.00 ~ 1.00%CH4: ± 0.10

                                 1.00 to 3.00CH4: ±10% of true value

                                 3.00 to 4.00CH4: ±0.30

    (11) Power failure output: 0/5mA current pulse;

    (12) Alarm point: set arbitrarily within the measuring range;

    (13) Power-off point: set arbitrarily within the measuring range;

    (14) Protection class: IP65.

  • KGF2 mining wind sensor is our new generation of ultrasonic wind speed sensor. The sensor adopts digital signal processing filtering technology to be able to measure stably in the mine inverter, winch, belt and other strong interference in the environment. The sensor has sound and light alarm, wind speed upper limit, wind speed lower limit alarm function, and the alarm value can be set freely within the range.

  • Main technical indicators

    1. Explosion-proof form: Exib I Mb

    2.Working voltage: DC18V

    3. Voltage fluctuation range: (9~24)V

    4. Working current: ≤100mA

    5. Measuring range: wind speed (0.4-15) m/s; air volume (0.0-600) m3 /s

    6. Basic error: less than ±0.3m/s

    7. Pit section area: less than 40.0 m2 (arbitrary setting)

    8. Repeatability error: reading value ±1%m/s

    9. Protection grade: IP65

    10. output signal:

    1. a) Current 1mA to 5mA or 4mA to 20mA
    2. b) Frequency 200Hz~1000Hz, 5Hz~15Hz
    3. c) RS485 2400bps