Beidou-based automated hydropower dam safety monitoring project launched

4moon7On the 6th, Dr. Ke Fuyang, General Manager of the Company, Wang Mingming, Director of Technology R&D Department, and Huang Teng, Professor of Hohai University and his party4People went to the State Grid Anhui Company for inspection, exchanged views with each other on the technical issues related to the dam safety automation monitoring system of the hydropower station undertaken by the company, accompanied by the relevant leaders and technical personnel of the hydropower station.

After the field visit, Dr. Ke Fuyang reported the specific facility scheme of automatic monitoring of hydropower dam based on Beidou to the relevant leaders of the hydropower station and experts attending the meeting, and the leaders expressed full affirmation to the technical ability of our company.

The implementation of this project opens up the application of our self-developed Beidou automated monitoring system in the power industry.