Automated monitoring of power plant ash dams

Anhui Huainan Luoneng Power Generation Co., Ltd (Datang Huainan Luohu Power Plant) is located in Luohu Town, Huainan City, Anhui Province, the famous"Battle of the Interfluve"Initial battlefield--It was built on the shore of Luojian, and was first constructed in1982year, with a current installed capacity of244million kilowatts, with a unit size of4classifier for heavy objects, such as machines, TVs, computers; theater performances3010,000 kW subcritical generating units,2classifier for heavy objects, such as machines, TVs, computers; theater performances60The 10,000 kW supercritical generating unit was built in three phases.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the gray dam, Datang Huainan Luohe Power Plant decided to re-examine the deformation of the gray dam, which includes: observation of the horizontal displacement of the dam body, observation of the vertical displacement and observation of the dip line.

According to the actual requirements of the project, it has now been completed2monitoring stations.1The system is still operating solidly today, and will continue to protect the safety of the ash dams for an expected five years.