Zhang Yusen, Marketing Manager of the company, visited Prof. Chen Shaojie of Longyan College.

2016surname Nian5moon16On March 28th, Mr. Zhang Yusen, the manager of the marketing department of the company, visited Prof. Chen Shaojie of Longyan College, and carried out technical exchanges on the relevant projects to be implemented in cooperation with Prof. Chen.

Manager Zhang introduced in detail the company's research and development"Beidou automated monitoring and early warning cloud service platform"The platform integrates BeiDou satellite navigation and positioning, cloud computing, communication, network and sensors and other high technologies, and is widely used in many fields such as land, water conservancy, electric power, transportation, construction and high-speed rail.

Prof. Chen showed great interest in the platform and expressed his strong desire to carry out technical cooperation with our company, hoping to use the relevant projects as the entry point for cooperation and subsequent promotion in the relevant fields in Longyan City.

School Gate of Longyan College, Fujian Province