Pumped storage power plant dam automated monitoring and early warning system

Langya Mountain pumped storage power station is located in the southern suburbs of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, at the foot of Langya Mountain. After the completion of the power station, will be the daily regulation mode to undertake the Anhui power grid peak, fill the valley and accident backup task, as well as the grid frequency, phase control and load tracking tasks. Langya mountain pumped storage power station project is anhui province."fifteen"One of the major energy construction projects during the period, the total investment of the power station23billion yuan, the total installed capacity of the four units60million kilowatts, annual power generation8.6Billions of kilowatt-hours.

The formal operation of the automated monitoring system for dam deformation at the Luangya Mountain Hydropower Station will greatly improve the technical level of dam monitoring, and also provide new monitoring means for the field of dam monitoring.