Automated Landslide Monitoring and Early Warning System

On July 29th, Wang Mingming, the head of the company's technical department, led the technical team to Xining City, Qinghai Province to carry out the installation and debugging of the automated monitoring and early warning system for deformation of landslides on the west slope of Xining Nanshan.

The west exit of Nanshan Tunnel is located halfway up the west slope of Nanshan Mountain, with a design elevation of 2294.86m. The terrain is high in the east and low in the west, and the slope is steep and difficult to walk. In the past decades, landslides occurred many times on the west slope of Nanshan, causing casualties and property losses to the people.

Artificial monitoring due to climate, environment, monitoring time and other factors and limitations, can not be monitored at night, wind and rain and ice and snow and other extreme conditions, it will leave a gap in the monitoring time period, and therefore can not be real-time monitoring of landslides in a timely manner, and can not be timely prediction of the trend of landslide deformation and timely early warning, and the occurrence of landslide geologic hazards are often generated in extreme climatic conditions, coupled with the monitoring of the The monitoring cycle is long (5 years) and the labor intensity is very high. In order to ensure the safety of the surrounding buildings and people's lives and properties during the construction of the Nanshan Tunnel, it is necessary to carry out automated deformation monitoring of the landslide body on the west slope of Nanshan Mountain and analyze the data in real time with daily reporting to ensure that the competent authorities are able to learn about the movement and deformation of the landslide body on a daily basis in a timely manner.

Geological disaster automatic monitoring system is a set of comprehensive system developed for automatic monitoring of geological disasters by integrating the current GNSS high-precision positioning technology, wireless communication technology, database technology, GNSS communication technology and other latest technological achievements, and is capable of real-time monitoring of the monitoring object as well as forecasting and analyzing the results of the monitoring in order to assist decision-making.