Platform for Intelligent Monitoring and Early Warning System for Geological and Meteorological Disasters

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System Profile:

Developed on the basis of B/S architecture and relying on big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, Kibo Beidou Intelligent Safety Monitoring and Early Warning Cloud Platform can realize real-time remote monitoring, high-precision positioning, multi-source data fusion, intelligent data analysis, intelligent early warning, automated reporting, etc. The platform has independent intellectual property rights of core algorithms that can meet the daily monitoring accuracy requirements and comply with the relevant industry standards. As a globally advanced Internet of Things platform for geo-disaster prevention and control, it is able to customize specialized, intelligent and automated 7*24-hour uninterrupted real-time information monitoring and early warning services for customers with different needs in the fields of navigation and positioning, homeland and meteorology, geology and water conservancy, coal mine subsidence, and reservoirs and dams.

Cloud Platform Advantage:

Areas of application:

The system can be used for safety monitoring and precise early warning of public facilities such as water conservancy (bank embankment, dam, wharf, etc.), homeland (ground settlement, landslide, mudslide, etc.), environmental protection (hazardous chemicals, hazardous vehicles, chimneys, etc.), electric power (pylons, chimneys, cooling towers, etc.), transportation (subways, bridges, light rails, etc.), construction (high-rise buildings, foundation pits, etc.), and high-speed rail (tunnels, slopes, etc.).

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